HairLossBrushHair is composed of solid, wrapped peptide chains which are folded into a strong keratin hair base. With healthy hair, this base is strong and flawless. However, damaged hair shows all sorts of irregularities in the keratin layer. You are invited to your best friend’s wedding and your hair looks lifeless, worn out and dull. Very damaged hair indicates that smaller hair damages accumulated over time resulting in an overall huge damage. Maybe you combed your hair roughly with styling combs, dried your hair for too long and too close to the hairdryer, used too many curling or straightening devices, or have undergone chemical treatments such as colouring, bleaching or permanent waves.

Maybe your hair is exposed to stress and an unbalanced diet on a daily basis?

It is time to take care of your damaged hair. Surprise it with a clarifying shampoo. Certain ingredients in the shampoo regenerate damaged hair, thus saving a possibly doomed “bad hair” night out. Gently massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp. This prevents tangling and makes it easier to comb wet hair. Using a conditioner after every shampoo wash is now mandatory! Gently dry the hair. Wrap the hair in a towel before gently combing it with a wide-toothed comb.

Bumble_and_bumble_Sunday_shampooUsing a clarifying shampoo for deep cleaning removes deposits from shaping products, and the hair becomes fluffy, silky and is more accommodated to care treatments and reconstruction. Due to these reasons, it is good from time to time to use a shampoo for deep cleansing. Regular hair treatments bring life back to lifeless hair. They give the hair more volume and shine, making it suddenly more enchantingly supple. The comb easily goes through the hair. For a small amount of care, you receive a great amount in return.

New generation hair treatments contain liquid substances which rebuild the hair structure. These substances restore damaged hair from within, fill strand cracks, reduce damages and reduce hair breakage. Hair treatments also do magic for the outer part of the hair. A thin layer lines the hair cuticles, which are often not in their natural state due to rough treatment and chemicals. After the treatment, the hair is ready for shaping.  There are no more tangled strands that would hinder your efforts in shaping the desired hairstyle. And the best part of it all is the hair’s beautiful shine after the treatment. Enjoy!

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weddingA few months ago my best friend from elementary school bench has announced to me that at last came the big day for her – a longtime boyfriend knelt in front of her on her birthday and on the verge is a summer wedding. After the initial euphoria, we also realize that we have a lot of job. We are going to visit the salon, booking halls, churches and registrar, select bouquet, perfect shoes that will be worthy of the bride, but good enough to get them to withstand all night. As time went on, we realized that in a hurry, we did not thinking about the makeup of the the big day, which was a huge failure. To every bride is important that on her big day, except wedding dresses, hairstyles and, of course, the true chosen one, to be perfect and her make-up also, because it will  be recorded on photographs that will be a keepsake for a lifetime. Most often the bride, and so does my friend, choose her makeup of the day to delegate professionals, which will definitely reduce her stress level. Professionals usually already have their stabilized supply of makeup for the bride, but it does not hurt to listen and her desires, and every makeup adapt to a particular person, in order to select the proper make-up that will remove flaws and highlight the advantages of the bride.

Makeup artists for several seasons on the brides prefer the natural look. Every bride will feel really good in natural tones because on that day makeup on her must be persistent, and often the wedding begins during the day and a great shades with sequins are not an option. The most important is good and stable foundation that will hide any flaws. Most attention is on make-up of eyes and lips, as they will in most photographs come to the fore. If you choose for a natural look, as my friend, reach for pastel and earth tones and eye emphasize pencil and artificial eyelashes. On the lips put firm lipstick in the appropriate shades. Do you attach great attention to color matching, you might want your make-up matched with the primer you have selected for your bouquet and decor of the room where is going to be a celebration. Do not forget to tell your make-up artist that makeup must be  more stable with the help of fixators. Yet, this is the day on which you do not want a thousand times to take the mirror, to check how you look.

MakeupIt is always wise to go for a trial makeup to the salon where you have entrusted the job, and if your friend will make-up you, also make sure to trial test and agree with her all the details, how on the wedding day would not be unpleasant surprises. Although that day the bride is the center of attention, nothing less makeup will not even bother guests. Consideration should be given to the quality of the weddings where people go, whether it is gentle and romantic celebration outdoors in the afternoon, or evening kind of party. I am for the friend’s afternoon summer wedding chose pastel shades in accordance with light rose dress, eyes will emphasize with pencil and mascara. But, that the wedding is meant to be a evening party in the exclusive club, I’d choose the classic smokey and slightly stronger lipstick. As far as makeup is important for the big day, do not forget that it is important also that you keep the wedding memorable for its excellent atmosphere and all the people close to you, whether you are the bride or guest .

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